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Have you considered renting a charter bus for that next family reunion/ school function/ corporate retreat? It is an eco-friendly choice, as charter bus rentals are about six times more energy and fuel efficient than a car with a single passenger, and emit less carbon dioxide per mile than any other vehicle. Because a charter bus requires its passengers to place their trust in the driver, it is important to ensure you book with a certified safe motor coach company.

Most individuals in the U.S. have taken at least one trip in a charter bus, where there are over 16,000 on the road. Whether it was in an airport express shuttle or a special events bus tour, not every charter bus is the same. Although they provide easy travel from A to B, a charter bus is a fairly large vehicle that could case serious injury to the passengers and other automobiles on the road if operated incorrectly. There are a few questions to ask a charter bus company before signing any contracts.

Perhaps the easiest step in checking on the safety of the company is checking their safety inspection rating with the Department of Transportation. An unsatisfactory rating means you should move along to the next company on your list. There are other questions to ask a representative in customer service to gauge the company’s standards of safety.

The Better Business Bureau is a good place to start. Prospective customer’s can see how well the company meets its promises of service, how long they have been in business, and how they handle customer complaints. Speaking of complaints, if the trip you have planned is outside of standard business hours, you can avoid a potential future headache by asking how the company handles unexpected delays, and what the customer service hours are. Also make sure the charter buses are insured.

The vehicles themselves need to be in good working order. You can ask how often they are serviced, and how old the motor coaches themselves are. A question that most would not think to ask is if the company has a drug/ alcohol testing program in place. It is better to know than to wonder about worse case scenarios.

A charter bus can fulfill a variety of needs, from business meetings to school events. But just because the transportation is made easier, it does not safety should slide. Know what questions to ask for a safe trip.

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