Tours seattle wa

Are you planning a trip to Seattle, Washington? With a population of over 630 thousand residents, Seattle is the largest Pacific northwest city, and continues to quickly grow. This beautiful coastal seaport city is recognized for its new software, biotechnology, and Internet companies, as well as for being an ecologically friendly city, focused on sustainable development. Seattle tours can take you around to some of the most famous sites Seattle has to offer.

There are many points of interest to enjoy while taking a few Seattle tours. The Seattle Space Needle is one of the most recognizable pieces of architecture in the world, standing an enormous 604 feet high. There are plenty of tours Seattle that can take you all the way to the top of the observation deck. Up at the top, you will be floored by the sights of Mount Rainier, skyscrapers, and an amazing view of the entire city. Use one of the telescopes to take a closer look at all the beautiful sites and scenery. You will surely not be disappointed after a Seattle tours of the Space Needle.

Looking for more? Seattle wa tours often stop by the Seattle Great Wheel, which opened to the public in the summer of 2012. The wheel stands 175 feet tall and can hold up to 300 passengers at any one time. The wheel was constructed at the tip of the pier, and is made of parts coming from all over Europe and the United States. The wheel extends 40 feet beyond the pier, over Elliot Bay, and because each gondolas is fully enclosed, it is open year round. Tours seattle wa will surely go to this enormous Seattle destination, weighing over 280 thousand pounds!

Looking for more historic Seattle tours? You must check out the famous graves in Seattle! Go to Lake View Cemetery on Capitol Hill and take a look at the graves of Princess Angeline, daughter of Chief Sealth, the very person Seattle is named after! Bruce Lee, a famous marital arts film star, is also buried at Lake View Cemetery. In 1970, famous rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix was buried in Greenwood Cemetery, located in the Renton neighborhood. Take some Seattle tours of these famous cemeteries if you are on the hunt for some history!

Some other interesting points of interest you may visit while on Seattle tours include the original Starbucks, Fremont Troll, the home of Bill Gates, the Experience Music Project, Hammering Man, and Hats N Boots. Seattle is a gorgeous city full of life and excitement, with plenty of Seattle tours to provide you with a thorough tour of the sites.

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