Holiday in a yurt

If you are looking for accommodation on Isle of Wight for yourself and your traveling companions, there are some less obvious choices for people who are looking for quirky places to stay that can make your visit to the area a unique, fun, and memorable experience that you will look back on fondly for many years to come. Why stay in a traditional hotel, when you can sleep in a cottage, a yurt, a castle, a converted church, a tree house, or even a train carriage? Choosing a holiday and vacation rental with a little extra character as your accommodation on Isle of Wight can make for a real change of pace from the usual BnB or hotel rental experience. Renting a whole villa or a large vacation home is a fantastic option for large families, groups of friends, or reunion parties who are interested in finding a big house to rent or a holiday cottage with hot tub facilities on site.

Ecolodges are an increasingly popular choice in vacation accommodation on Isle of Wight that are located in a natural area, or in a rural area within a short distance to a natural area. Many people love these options as their accommodation on Isle of Wight because they are not significantly impacted by a townsite, traffic, noise, smog, and other types of annoying pollution that can detract from your stay in the area. Glamping (a term that refers to an upscale camping experience) is a great compromise between the luxury of a stay in a hotel, and a back to nature experience that you can get from traditional camping. If you want to have a comfortable, luxurious stay in your accommodation on Isle of Wight, taking your holiday in a yurt is a fantastic glamping option.

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