Oakley flak jacket replacement lenses

Probably the most iconic wearers of Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd in The Blues Brothers. One wore Wayfarers with brown frames and black lenses, and the other wore Wayfarers II with black frames and black lenses. You might not be starring in a movie anytime soon, but these sunglasses are still a classic and popular style.
Sunglasses are probably one of the most used accessories because they shield our eyes from the sun for our comfort and protection (and if they are Wayfarers they look pretty cool too). Sunglasses are also probably the most damaged accessory; every 14 minutes a pair is lost, sat on, or broken in the U.S. At least in my experience, the most easily damaged parts of sunglasses are the lenses. If you drop them, set them down the wrong way, have a little brother who for some reason likes to drag your sunglasses lenses side down on the sidewalk, or stuff them into your purse or pocket next to your keys, chances are your designer shades are now scratched and marred. If they are, there is a way to fix scratched sunglass lenses.
Rather than necessarily getting scratched lenses repaired, you can simply get replacement sunglass lenses. Replacement sunglass lenses can fit right into your Wayfarers or whatever brand of designer shades that suits you. There are also polarized replacement lenses, which are popular for driving, hunting, fishing, and golfing because they are protective and can increase clarity of vision in different settings (as they come in different tints). Whether yours are scratched or you just want more protective sunglass lenses choosing replacement polarized lenses is a good way to save money and the health of your eyes.
The Blues Brothers probably did not have to worry about getting replacement sunglass lenses, but you probably do. Replacing sunglass lenses is a frugal and smart solution to the problem that many of us have. Learn more at this link.

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