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Why aren’t more Americans doing everything in their power to find cheap flights? Do they like being ripped off by larger companies who just want to oversell so that they can fill all the seats and pay for the lavish things in life? Somebody who so frequently travels should have options, because having more than one option (a huge, undesirable amount of money on your computer screen) can really change your outlook.

Maybe it’s because people have a hard time looking for cheap international flights because they don’t want to spend more than 20 minutes on the computer – but the truth is, spending that extra hour can help you save enough money to buy that new holiday gift for your mother or invest in that new puppy you’ve wanted for quite some time. And what if you’re a frequent vacationer? This is probably true, seeing as 96% of American workers believe that vacation time is completely important so, trust us, Americans are vacationing everywhere, every year. We also know that 3.8 billion passengers rode on planes in 2016 and this led to airline companies making well over $500 billion, which is a number that could have been less if they had just looked for the best rates. Also, more than 50% of Millennial believe that cost is the biggest reason in which they fail to travel nowadays. You know what we say to that? “There are solid options out there.”

Why You Should Take the Time to Find Cheap Flights and Travel

So you’ve discovered the perfect rates – and now what’s stopping you? There are so many things to see and so little time. There are cheap flights to Frankfurt, Cebu, Barcelona, Hong Kong, and so much more, just waiting to be discovered. Did you know that 69% of Millennials strictly travel because they want to find new foods? It’s not just about the sights anymore, sometimes it’s all about the culture that you get to know and love when you become a part of a country for a few weeks, one that you’ve never visited before. 76% of those Millennials also believe that it is more important to experience something than to buy something.

Get out there, find cheap flights that work for you, and invest in something that will change your life forever. They’re right – experiences mean anything and will teach you lessons you will take with you through life. This is why travel lives on in the hearts of many.

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