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If you have your own personal watercraft platform, whether that’s a wooden dock or a floating dock, you probably need plenty of accessories for it, as well. From power pedestals to light your path to various types of dock hardware and emergency supplies, there’s no shortage of objects you’ll need to keep your dock safe and entertaining. And if you keep your boat in a marina, you’ll want to ensure that you have enough supplies with you, so you don’t have to run back home. One item that can help your dock and your watercraft stay safe is a dock box. Dock boxes can hold many different types of supplies, including emergency supplies, first aid kits, hardware, fishing and scuba gear, and more.

What should you look for when choosing a dock box? Here are some common features that high quality dock boxes will have:

    1. Durability For a high quality dock box, choose ones made from materials that won’t fade, warp, or sag over time. Whether you’re keeping the box on your dock or on-board your boat, you’ll want one that can withstand extreme weather and storms, too. Many dock boxes are constructed from plastics; fiberglass is sometimes a better choice for its durability.
    2. Space Although it depends on what you want to store in a dock box, you’ll still want to make sure to choose a model that has plenty of storage space. A dock box is the perfect place for emergency supplies, so you’ll want to ensure that you can carry everything with you. Some dock boxes will also include an organizer, whereas others will not, so if you need to keep your dock box organized, choose a model with an organizational try built in or a box that will be compatible with one.
    3. Multi-purpose In addition to storing items inside, some dock box exteriors also serve other purposes. On board a boat, the most useful thing they do is provide additional seating. A dock box might have a seat cut into its top, so you have extra seating for guests.
    4. Locks Finally, one thing you need to keep your dock box safe is a lock. Many boxes will either come with a lock or have a space for you to place your own. A lock can keep children out if you store dangerous equipment. If your watercraft is stored publicly, it can keep trespassers away from your supplies.

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