Most Americans agree that taking vacations is quite important for them, and this supports a robust domestic tourism industry in the United States today. Many people picture a sunny beach in Florida or California for their vacation, and while that’s a popular route to take, there are other options. How about Alaska? This northern state is not just a barren tundra; it offers great expanses of natural beauty for any tourist to enjoy, from mountains and glaciers to rivers, forests, and lakes. During some times of the year, it may not feel or look much different from the continental states at all. So, what are some popular tourism options up there? Alaska glacier wedding packages are an exotic but popular choice for brides and grooms who want a creative wedding venue, and helicopter tours are a great way to take in Alaska’s vast panoramas from up high. Down on the ground, opportunities for fishing, hunting, hiking, and tours by dogsled beckon.

Alaska Glacier Wedding Packages and Tours

Many Alaska glacier wedding packages can be found online with a simple search, and if the bride and groom are interested, they can look these up with the aid of a wedding planner. How might this work? A small wedding party is flown up to a private spot atop a glacier, and these Alaska glacier wedding packages include the vehicle and the pilot’s services, among other bonus options. Such a venue offers a stunning natural backdrop for any wedding ceremony, and the spot is private and secluded, too. This makes it appealing for small wedding parties who favor style and novelty over huge ballroom weddings. It is a good idea to look up “alaska glacier wedding packages” online well ahead of time, though, so there are spots available. Some times of the year may prove quite popular for this, so earlier is better.

Someone doesn’t have to get married to explore Alaska from the air, though. Like Hawaii, Alaska is home to a variety of helicopter tour companies, and an interested tourist may look them up ahead of time and book a slot. Looking these up several weeks or even a few months ahead of time is the best strategy, so the tourist can find a slot that fits their vacation schedule. Or, if it’s more convenient, the tourist might actually book a helicopter tour flight, then plan their vacation around it.

Once the tourist party arrives in Alaska and visits the helicopter tour base, they may meet the staff and crew there, and choose a pilot and helicopter that are to their liking. Everyone gets on board and puts on headsets (so they can hear each other over the vehicle’s noise), and the helicopter begins flying along its tour route. The tour guide will explain local history and facts to the guests, and answer their questions. From up there, a tourist can get a stunning view of Alaska’s wilderness, and the helicopter may even touch down atop a glacier so the guests can get out and walk around if they so choose. These tour helicopters will fly in all but the worst weather.

Other Activities in Alaska

It can be great fun to tour Alaska by air, and some tourists would rather stick to the cities rather than get up close and personal with nature. But then again, Alaska offers a lot for outdoors lovers, such as those who go hiking. This is a great chance to see nature up close, and photograph, observe, and sketch wildlife not found in the tourist’s home state. Many guests to Alaska rent out log cabins in the wilds so they can be conveniently close to nature, and they can also take dog sled tours across snowy terrain. Rock climbing and mountain climbing are also a fine way to spend time in Alaska, not to mention going kayaking in river rapids. Big game hunters can go hunting for wild species they wouldn’t find back home, and anglers can go fishing in the streams. And of course, there is the option of ice fishing on a frozen lake, and there may be a number of ice fishing shacks already set up all across Alaska for just that, ready for use.

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