Indian river campgrounds

Whether you prefer to go tent camping or cabin camping, you always have to build a fire. That’s just a must-have part of the camping experience. So, here are a few tips to have the best fire possible the next time you go!

Keep Bugs Away. – Nobody likes bugs, so keep them away from your camp fire by throwing a stick of sage into the blaze. Mosquitoes and bugs absolutely hate the fumes, and it’ll also make the fire smell even better. You can find sage all over the places in specialty shops, or online.

Build a Bigger Fire With the Teepee Lay. – If you want to build a roaring fire, use the teepee lay. First, place your tinder bundle in the middle of your campfire. Then, for a teepee above it with some kindling. Use just a few sticks, so that there are a few openings. This will ensure that the wind gets to it, and keeps the flames fanned. Then, build a bigger teepee around the small teepee. Once that’s set, light the tinder on fire, and blow. Keep adding tinder to it until both teepees are lit. Once it is, build a bigger teepee around it, and keep adding to it until it’s a nice blaze.

Sprinkle Water. Don’t Pour. – When you’re putting the fire out, don’t pour water on it. Sprinkle it. Keep a bucketful of water near the fire for safety reasons, but don’t just dump it all over the fire when it’s time to put it out. You don’t want to flood the fire pit, because you or someone else might want to use it later. Instead, just drip it over the hot embers and coals, and stir until they’re properly extinguished.

Whether you’ve been to hundreds of campsites, or are just going to a campgrounds for the first time, these tips will help you build the best fire possible. If you have any questions, or have any other camping tips, feel free to share in the comments.

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