Replacing sunglass lenses

Time slows down as your beloved Ray Ban shades fall to the ground. You reach out to try to catch them, but unfortunately, you’re simply too slow. The sunglasses hit the ground, and your heart sinks at the sound of the shades smacking against the sidewalk’s pavement.

You pick up your once beloved–now damaged–sunglasses, and think to yourself, “Can you replace sunglass lenses? Can you even fix scratched sunglass lenses? Will I have to buy a new pair? What are my options for getting sunglass replacements? How much is that going to cost?”

Thankfully, the correct answers are yes, yes, no, good, and not much, respectively. Fixing or replacing sunglass lenses is pretty easy and affordable. Here’s how you can do both!

Fixing Sunglass Lenses.

If your lenses are only scratched, you won’t have to worry about replacing sunglass lenses. Fixing scratched lenses is as easy as cleaning them if you can believe it. Just spray some Lemon Pledge on them instead of a cleaning solution, and clean them as you’d normally do. Failing that you can try using toothpaste (just make sure it’s a nonabrasive kind). If that still doesn’t work, you can make another restorative paste from two parts baking soda and one part water. If you decide to try the latter two methods, just make sure to clean off the leftover paste with a cloth and cleaning solution afterwards.

Replacing Sunglass Lenses.

If your shades’ lenses fell out or are cracked beyond repair, don’t worry. Replacing sunglass lenses is easy. You can purchase a replacement set of lenses on the cheap. Just warm the glasses by submerging them in a bowl of warm water for about a minute. This makes the frames more malleable. Then, gently work the old lenses out. Put in the new lenses starting at the bottom. Get the rest of the lenses in the frames carefully by pressing around the frames’ edges. Make sure they won’t fall out by pressing them in the middle, and there you have it!

Hopefully now you’re no longer panicking. Fixing and replacing sunglass lenses is easy to do, and won’t cost you much. If you have any questions about fixing or replacing sunglass lenses, feel free to ask in the comments. Read more blogs like this:

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