Seattle wa tours

There are some Seattle wa tours that will help you learn a lot about this beautiful city in a short amount of time. There also tours Seattle guides provide that take their time. A tour that takes its time can help you really enjoy the Seattle area. The best tours seattle wa visitors will find are often reviewed by tourists that have been in the area recently. Seattle tours might focus on a specific aspect of local culture. There are Seattle tours that will help you discover the reason coffee is so popular in this Pacific Northwest city. There are also Seattle tours that will take you around town and stopped at several brew pubs, another popular Pacific Northwest attraction. If you are in the Seattle area for the sports teams, Seattle tours that make stops at historic sports locations in the Seattle area exist, and usually end by taking the tour group to a football, baseball, soccer or hockey game. Seattle is rumored to get a professional basketball team again in the near future, and there are still popular tours that explore the history of professional basketball in Seattle.

Of course, for as popular as the coffee, breweries and sports of Seattle are, most people visit this area for the rich musical history. There are Seattle tours that feature stops along the way at famous record studios. There are quite a few local clubs and music halls with rich histories. Grunge rock more or less began in Seattle. Most of the popular grunge rock outfits call Seattle home, or else began in Seattle before moving to another city. There are also famous musicians that have lived in or near Seattle. Tours that focus on the musical history of this city can be very exciting to a music student. There are entire museums dedicated to presenting exhibits about the history of music in Seattle and beyond.

The wide range of Seattle tours should mean that this city qualifies as an excellent destination for your next vacation. Seattle is home to a lot of precipitation, meaning it rains for most of the year and snows a bit during winter time. However, summer is a great time to check out Seattle if you have never been to this city. Learn more about scheduling a tour when you will be in town by contacting local Seattle tour guides before you plan your trip to the Emerald City.

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