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Did you know that Gillian Anderson, from the X Files, was offered the lead role in Downton Abbey? She turned it down, but the series still became a huge success.

Downton Abbey is a BBC drama that has taken the world by storm. Viewers from both sides of the pond love to sit and watch as the drama unfold in the mysterious world that is known as Downton Abbey.

While it is virtually impossible to turn the hands of time back and visit the time period that Downton Abbey takes place in, there are ways you can experience what life would be like. A Downton Abbey travel company can take a number of people on a tour of the production sets of the hit miniseries.

A Downton Abbey travel company has the access and ability to take people on a VIP tour of the sets. They can tour the entire Downton estate, see where the characters host their parties, and enjoy a variety of other things that are related to the miniseries.

People who are engaging in Downton Abbey travel do not have to go far. The sets of this 18 award winning miniseries are located only an hour and half away from downtown London. This allows people to experience the wonders of Downton Abbey travel, but not have to miss out on everything London has to offer.

People who are taking part in the Downton Abbey tour can enjoy a number of other tours while they are in London. There is a Doctor who london tour, Highclere Castle tour, and other tours that include seeing and experience a British castle tour.

In addition, there are a number of English film set tours that will keep everyone entertained. See where popular and favorite English movies were filmed and enjoy the experience.
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