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Luxury cabins on a pristine mountainside can make an excellent vacation home. Mt. Hood and the surrounding area in Oregon is a popular mountain vacation destination, and with good reason. Mt. Hood and environs have many different vacation and wilderness activities for people getting away from work and the city to enjoy.

Luxury mountain homes can be built or refitted to meet your personal needs and taste. A bigger challenge is picking an area that you will want to live in. If you enjoy adventure in the great outdoors, the Mt. Hood National Forest has several protected wildernesses and more than a thousand miles of trails for you to hike. You will not run out of places to explore any time soon. There are also more than 100 parks and campgrounds in the area. If you are looking for a more relaxed activity, the Mt. Hood area has several to choose from as well. If you just want a relaxing afternoon, there are more than 120 orchards around Mt. Hood that you can visit. Also, the Carousel Museum, which has the largest collection of carousel horses anywhere, is in the region.

One major advantage that Mt. Hood has over mountain real estate in other popular regions, like Aspen or Jackson Hole, is that it is affordable for more people. The median cost of a home in the area was just over $240,000, making it somewhere that not only the very wealthy can enjoy. Luxury cabins are a small and cozy way of getting a mountain home so that it is more affordable. Luxury cabins can come in a variety of sizes, though, so you will have different options to choose from, depending on what you are looking for. Not all luxury cabins are timber homes, so if you want a pleasant mountain home, but want a different aesthetic, there will be other kinds of cabins for you to pick from. More research here.

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  1. Are there some towns within the region where prices go very high as they do in a place like Aspen, or are property values pretty reasonable everywhere?

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