Seattle tours

Planning a trip out to the Seattle Washington area? Well if it’s your first trip out there, then you might want to think about taking one of the many Seattle tours being offered right now. Seattle wa tours are a great way to experience all the sights, sounds, and culture of the city, and all the while having a chaperone to ensure you and your family have a fun safe time. Seattle tours will take you to see all the attractions that have made Seattle the famous city it is today. Of course everyone wants to take a trip up in the Space Needle, but there are other attractions and sights to see in the Seattle area. For instance, there is the Pacific Space Center, EMP museum, and the Seattle Aquarium just to mention a few. But lets here stop and take a second and talk about some of these attractions so you know exactly what you’re getting into with Seattle tours.

Besides the annual rainfall (which, by the way, is actually less than many U.S. cities), one of the things Seattle is most known for is the Space Needle. Standing at 605 feet tall, the Space Needle has become both an internationally recognized icon and Seattle’s most popular attraction since its construction for the 1962 World’s Fair. When booking tours seattle wa, Regardless which one you choose, you can bet that there will be a stop at the Space Needle.

Another popular attractions for Seattle tours is the Seattle Aquarium. The Seattle Aquarium is the 7th most visited aquarium in the United States, the Seattle Aquarium features more than 380 species of birds, fish, invertebrates and marine mammals. Visitors can gently touch certain marine animals in the Life on the Edge tide pool or talk with aquarium divers in the Underwater Dome, a spherical undersea room surrounded by 400,000 gallons (1,514 cubic meters) of water. This is definitely a must see item for any family visiting the Seattle area.

When it comes to seeing all the sights that the Seattle, Washington has to offer, Seattle tours is the best way to make it happen. See everything you want to see in the Seattle area without having to worry about getting lost or missing out on anything you might want to see.

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