Over 95% of all surveyed American employees agree that taking vacations is quite important to them, since a vacation is a great chance to visit somewhere new and relax, unwind, and reduce overall stress levels. This can be good for a person’s health, and the good news is that the United States is home to a strong domestic tourism industry today. This industry employs many people in the aviation industry, hotels, and more. So, where are all these tourists going? Often, they are headed to historic sites along the east coast, or they are going to sunny beaches in Florida, California, and Hawaii, but there are more options. Why not Alaska? This may seem like an odd choice for a vacation at first, but in fact, Alaska is a popular state to visit, and many tourists there report being very satisfied with their trip (some are even surprised by how much they enjoyed their Alaska vacation). Up there, a tourist can easily explore Alaska’s vast and beautiful wilderness via glacier helicopter tours, tours by dogsled, hiking, kayaking, and much more. How can someone book glacier flights and get the most out of them? And when should a tourist rent a log cabin rather than an urban hotel room?

Glacier Helicopter Tours Done Right

While Alaska does not draw the same crowds as Florida’s and Hawaii’s famed beaches, a tourist planning glacier helicopter tours up in Alaska should note that this chilly state is still quite popular with domestic tourists. So, beating the crowds is a must, and that means looking up glacier helicopter tours early via the internet. Several months before the trip itself, the tourist can look up “helicopter rides in alaska” or “anchorage helicopter tours” and find some available time slots that the various heli tour companies offer. A tourist may then find an available slot that fits their schedule and book it, and specify how many people will be in their party. In some cases, the helicopter tour will be the tourist’s main attraction during an Alaska trip, so they might even find and book glacier helicopter tours first, then plan the rest of their vacation around it.

At any rate, the tourist group will fly up to Alaska, and when the time comes, they will visit the helicopter tour company’s base and meet the staff and pilots working there. The tourists may choose a pilot and helicopter who are to their liking, and then everyone gets on board the helicopter and it takes flight. During the aerial tour, everyone will will wear headsets to talk (helicopters are noisy), and a tour guide will explain local history and facts while answering any questions the tourists may have. During this tour, the helicopter may even touch down atop a glacier, where the tourists may step out of the vehicle and walk around. Overall, a helicopter tour is a fine opportunity for tourists to admire Alaska’s vast wilderness and terrain from a high vantage point, and it’s also a good option for tourists who don’t want to “rough it” by hiking or renting a cabin on the ground.

Alaska glacier wedding packages also involve helicopters for small parties. Some brides and grooms today like to choose creative venues for their wedding, often outdoor ones, and an Alaskan glacier during mild weather may be just what they want. So, the wedding party will look up glacier wedding packages and book one, and they can also choose to add extra amenities if they like, such as champagne bottles. An intimate ceremony atop a glacier can be a wonderful experience, especially with Alaska’s natural wilderness as a backdrop.

Other Activities

On a final note, there is plenty to do down on the ground, too. Tourists can take dogsled tours across snowy ground, and they can also go hiking to explore Alaska’s natural expanses up close. Going kayaking in the river rapids can be a thrilling adventure, and tourists can also go rock climbing or mountain climbing. Guests to this state may go fishing as well, either fishing in streams or going ice fishing on frozen lakes. Big game hunters may also like this opportunity to hunt game they won’t see back at home, such as bears or caribou.

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