Vacation rentals myrtle beach

Over the years, vacation condo rentals have become more popular, and for good reason. Most people choose to rent beach condos because of increased space (81%), amenities (84%), kitchen facilities (87%), privacy (90%), and overall price value at (94%). Along with this, most condos have laundry facilities and added safety features that resorts and hotels may not offer. The following is a guide to the benefits of vacation condo rentals that you may not have thought about.

Full Kitchen
Eating out for a week or two while on vacation can get expensive, which is why having a full kitchen to prepare your meals in can come in handy. The refrigerator will save any leftovers, and you can eat breakfast in your pajamas. Eating at the condo is also a healthier alternative to eating at restaurants or fast food joints.

Sun, surf, and sand can take a toll on your skin, as well as your clothes. If you have kids, having convenient access to laundry is a huge plus. Most beach condo rentals have these inside of the condo, where others have laundry rooms available. When your vacation is coming to an end, you can throw the clothes in the laundry so that you have more time to relax when you get home. Not having to open your suitcase to a huge bag of dirty clothes when you get home is a big relief!

When you are on vacation, the last thing you want is to be cramped in a hotel room. There are a variety of oceanfront condo rentals that allow for extra space, so your entire family can feel at ease. Best of all, they are right on the ocean so that you have a nice clear view of the bright blue sea.

While on vacation, it is not uncommon to feel like wanting to sleep in your own bed. Vacation condo rentals will feel more like home with their living rooms, numerous bedrooms, bathrooms, and lots of living space. Overall, the kids will feel more comfortable allowing for a more relaxing vacation for the entire family.

When it comes to choosing a place to stay for vacations, 47% of leisure travelers are more interested in staying vacation condo rentals as opposed to hotel or resort. The largest reasons for this are listed above, and there are vacation condo rentals for anyplace you want to go. The most popular destinations for summer travel are resorts (14%), lakes (17%), national parks (21%), cities (42%), and the beach tops them all at 45%. Book your next vacation right on the beach with an oceanfront condo rental so you and your entire family will be comfortable throughout the vacation.

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