The United States is a country that regularly sees its residents on the move. How is your travel website design holding up? If you haven’t updated within the past year it’s more than likely it’s starting to fall behind. It doesn’t matter how competitive your prices are or how convenient your locations can be for your incoming client base. A website that isn’t easy to navigate and optimized for a busy industry is just going to be swept under the rug. Campground marketing, just like any other form of marketing, needs to stay ahead of the curve if it’s to remain relevant.

Look below to see how your home page compares to the best tourism websites.

Quick Facts

Travel website design changes overnight. SEO drives a stunning 75% of all search traffic and, according to NewsCred, nearly 60% of B2B marketers say SEO has the biggest impact on lead generation out there. Studies have shown 40% of all shoppers will start with a search engine and more consumers than ever prefer to browse, buy and read reviews on their mobile devices than on a home computer or laptop. Google processes nearly one trillion searches every year. How will your website stand out amid these figures? Let’s keep looking.

Advertise Your Site The Smart Way

This may come as a surprise, but a strong marketing campaign is not how much money you sink into your resources. It’s how you use your resources. More and more customers are responding positively to SEO due to its less obtrusive nature. A recent study from Outbrain revealed that search engines have beat out social media by over 300%, making it the most significant contributor to website traffic. It’s also more affordable and has a higher close rate percentage than traditional outbound leads like direct mail or print advertising.

Optimize Your Website For Mobile Devices

The best tourism website design is one that can be easily navigated no matter where it’s found. Mobile devices are a popular resource for customers due to their convenience, meaning it’s high time you optimized your website to be friendly for iPhones, tablets and the like. Over 30% of mobile searches are related to a specific location, to boot, and this simple transition will help you find more local consumers to take advantage of your services.

Use A Simple And Clean Layout

No website should be cluttered, obtrusive or noisy. Indeed, first impressions are more powerful than second or third impressions. Less is more when it comes to design and everything should favor a more minimalist approach. Keep your contact information easy to find, favor bright colors and stay away from complex animations that could take up memory. A customer who happens upon a website with flashy advertisements or an unappealing layout may leave and never come back.

Hire A Professional Designer

Budgeting isn’t an easy process. When you have a result that keeps on giving, however, your marketing decisions can be made a little easier. Travel website design thrives on providing customers easy access to knowledge that will help their trip remain as seamless as possible, from booking a hotel to finding good places to relax on vacation. A professional designer can make sure your website is clean and appealing on top of additions like mobile optimization and SEO. Give your BandB website the best shot at success by making sure your first impression is a solid one.

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