Newark de airport express shuttle

There are so many ways to get from here to there. You can go by plane. You can go by train. You can go by tugboat attached to a yacht with a chain. Okay, before we get full-fledge Dr. Seuss on you, we’re here to talk about one particularly under-celebrated form of transportation: charter bus. Of all the transportation services available to you, when you travel by charter bus, you win in more ways than one. Let us count the ways:

  1. Charter Buses Can Take You More Places

    A lot of people think the very best way to take any trip is via airplane. Air travel is the most direct way to get from point A to point B, or so it seems. In reality, this isn’t exactly true. We aren’t even talking about how much more expensive it is to travel by air. Airplanes can only get you from point A to point B if both points have established airports. That means if your destination is off the beat and track, you’re going to have to arrange additional shuttle services once you arrive at the nearest airport. This costs you more money and takes longer. Meanwhile, a charter bus can take you anywhere there is a road with no additional arrangements needed.

  2. Charter Buses Are Considerate of Your Time

    While the actual time in the air might be shorter than the time you spend riding in a charter bus, the overall travel time often isn’t that much better. Think about it: If you don’t have an airport in your town, you’ll have to drive an hour or two to get to an airport. Then, you have to arrive at the airport two hours early. In fact, unlike traveling by charter bus, an airplane takes off if you’re there or not. So you might want head over even earlier, to account for traffic. Then, your flight probably several thousand miles in the opposite direction of where you’re heading, and drops you off in a random city where you’ll have a layover for a few hours. Then, you’ll get back on a crowded and miserable plane and head to your destination. But wait, your destination is actually an hour or two from the nearest airport, so your trip isn’t over yet. By the time you arrive at your actual destination, you’ve been traveling for a hundred and fifty hours (not an exaggeration).

    Meanwhile, those charter buses don’t try to deceive you with tales of quick travel. Your travel time is your actual travel time. You get on the bus at your originating city, and get off at your destination. Most charter buses have restrooms, so you don’t even have to stop for potty breaks.
  3. Charter Buses Celebrate the Journey

    There are two kinds of people in the world: people who hate flying and people who haven’t addressed their bottled up hatred towards flying. There is nothing comfortable about air travel. You’re strip searched, and your earthly possession reduced to 3 oz bottles before you even get to your chariot in the sky. You’re herded onto the plane like cattle. You’re given approximately two square inches of legroom for your journey. The air is recycled, so when a person across the plane has a bodily function, it’s immediately shoved into your face. If there is any luxury that offers you comfort, the airlines will quickly introduce a rule to not allow you to do it. All of the glorious monuments you pass on your way to your destination are nothing more than a monument you didn’t see.

    On the other hand, when you travel by bus, you really get the most juice out of your trip. The seats are large enough to allow you to lean back and relax. W If you like watching movies or listening to music, there’s no such thing as take off or landing or turbulence that will make the captain turn on the “no having fun” sign. You can use your phone from beginning to end, and the time in between, because you have a signal and you’re allowed to use it. And all those cool things to see along the way, you can see them!

We’d love to add more but we need to go book a bus trip pronto!

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