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If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting Buena Vista, Colorado, then you know what a lovely small town it is, definitely deserving of the name “Beautiful View”. It is a little town with a lot of history, over 120 years, and has buildings from the late 1800’s. For those that have not had the pleasure, the trip is worth is for the gorgeous mountain views alone, but luckily, there are other attractions and things to do in Buena Vista Co. For those with a taste for adrenaline, though, this little town has a world class feature: over 100 miles of some of the best white water rafting in the United States. If you have always wanted try white water rafting, there is no better place to go. For those beginners, though, here are five things to keep in mind on your adventure.

  1. :Dress to Get Wet: If getting something wet would pose a problem, leave it at the hotel. Even without an accidental tumble into the Arkansas River, you will end up soaked head to toe.
  2. Sunscreen: No one wants a sunburn as a souvenir, and being out in the sun all day will give you one if you forget to put on sunscreen.
  3. Paddle Smart: A boat with rowers working together, as in at the same time, moves quickly and is easy to steer. A lack of cooperation means more work for the rowers and less control of the boat, not a good idea in white water.
  4. Play It Safe: Liability being what it is, most facilities do not allow anyone on the river without a helmet, but if for some reason they do, wear a helmet anyway. That water is only white because it is breaking at high speed on large rocks, and your head will break just as easily. On that note, at no time should you be on the water without a life jacket.
  5. Pat Attention: No matter how much fun you definitely will have, never forget that white water rafting is dangerous. Steering the boat is not your guide’s most important job. Their most vital task is ensuring you make it back to your hotel in one piece. If you do fall out of the boat, no matter how well you swim or how close you believe safety is, you do not just swim for the boat or for land. You look at your guide and you follow their signals immediately. They have a better vantage point and years of experience, so make use of it to keep safe.

Buena Vista white water rafting is, obviously, a fantastic reason for visiting, and any day you are not on the river, you can still be busy from the moment you leave your hotel to the minutes before sleep. Call and book a trip today, it will be a vacation you will never forget.

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