Tours seattle

Seattle, Washington, is a city with a long and interesting history. The Seattle area had been inhabited by Native American people for an incredible four thousand years before white settlers arrived and displaced them. The Seattle area was named after chief Si’ahl who governed two local tribes. Seattle soon became a major hub for shipbuilding activity owing to its location next to the Pacific Ocean. Since the late 1980s, Seattle has become a center for technology and innovation. As of late, it has become very involved with the Green movement, or the push toward sustainable energy and lifestyles.

Seattle today experiences thousands of visitors every year. There are many things for tourists to Seattle to see and experience, including the Space Needle, the coast, the museums and art galleries, and the multiple street fairs that occur during the summer. The Seattle street fairs feature live music, craft vendors, food booths, and more. There are also tons of local farmers markets. Tours seattle wa have become a popular way to explore the city.

One thing some visitors might enjoy is tours Seattle WA. Seattle wa tours can range from a showing of interesting locations in the city to exciting tours like a morning tour of the Boeing Factory. Not into planes? Some tours Seattle WA will take you on a Mt. Rainier day trip. Looking for something more marine themed? You can even go on whale watching seattle tours in the Pacific Ocean. For people interested in a more cultural excursion, you can take a tour to Tillicum Village on Blake Island State Park, where you can learn about the local tribal history and practices.

For people who appreciate more traditional and low key tours Seattle WA, various companies also offer walking tours around the city to show off historic buildings, monuments, parks, and places where well known events have taken place.

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