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Did you know that, according to a World Bank report, tourism in Sub-Saharan African countries climbed by as much as 300% since 1990, and attractions and lodgings, including luxury villas, brought in 36 billion dollars in revenue in 2012? South Africa boasts beautiful outdoor attractions, including a scenic cape, national parks, and world-famous winelands. What do you need to know about Africa’s must-see sights?

The Cape and Africa’s National Parks

Paradise resorts and private villas are located conveniently nearby Sub-Saharan Africa’s Cape and many national parks. Thanks to the latest technology, South Africa is just a 15 hour flight away, and the region promises some of the longest and sunniest days in the world. Africa’s cape and surrounding area offers beautiful shores, luxury beach resorts, whale watching, and much more.

One of Africa’s most popular national parks, Kruger National Park, features 2 million hectacres of land with 16 separate ecosystems. In fact, Sub-Saharan Africa contains 6% of the globe’s mammal and reptile species, and 9,600 individual plant species. Of those 9,600 plant species, a staggering 70% are found in Africa only.

The Finest Winelands

South Africa’s winelands date way back to the 1600s. Enjoy wine tastings, local wine tours, and farmers markets, all along the Cape of Southern Africa. Vacationers can choose from self-guided, public, or private wine tours. Some agencies offer additional options, including cheese, chocolate, and olive oil tastings. The region also offers a considerable amount of historical Dutch architecture. Luxury villas and classy hotels are located nearby Paarl, Stellenbosch, Wellington, and Franschhoek, or the winelands’ most popular towns.

Tourists from all over the world are flocking into South Africa to enjoy’s its beautiful ocean and luxurious shores. South Africa’s cape promises breath-taking beaches and rare whale watching opportunities, and national parks with species exclusive to the region. African tourists can also enjoy quaint vineyards among 17th Dutch architecture. More information like this:

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