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With an estimated 26 million overnight visits annually, London is without a doubt one of the most popular European destinations. Indeed, 54% of people who visit the United Kingdom stay in London for their trip. Many people head to the Big Smoke to visit Canary Wharf or take part of the 300-theatre strong theatrical scene.

For many, however, London represents home. It represents friendship and love. To others, the city is simply the most beautiful place to spend the holidays. If you can relate to any of these things, then you likely know just how expensive getting over here, especially around the holidays, can be. With these five tips, however, you can find cheap hotel prices, airfare, and entertainment for the bookable holidays.

  1. Fly at Unpopular Times
  2. As Kiplinger points out, flying when no one else wants to is a great way to cut your air travel costs for bookable holidays. According to Bing Travel, the average Christmas plane ticket costs $403. By flying on Christmas itself, a time people would really rather be with their families, you can shave nearly $70 from your costs.

  3. Buy Your Tickets ASAP
  4. If you want to find great holiday deals, then you need to act fast. This means starting your flight and hotel search early, but it also means taking holiday packages when you first see them. Real Simple correctly points out that relying on a feeling that the price is going to go down is the surest way to find yourself paying more for bookable holidays arrangements.

  5. Take the Long Road
  6. Want to cut an average of $100 off your round-trip ticket? According to Business Insider, you can do exactly that by choosing connecting flights. The convenience of direct flights often lets airlines command higher prices, something they take great advantage of around the holidays. If you’re willing to sit through a layover or two, you can greatly reduce your holiday travel expenses.

  7. Follow Your Favorite Hotels on Social Media
  8. If you know that there is a place you’d love to stay in London, try following their social media page or profile. As Travel and Leisure writes, the average cost for a hotel room rose by 3% in 2012. However, by following your dream hotel on Facebook or Twitter, you can gain early access to holiday deals, cutting room costs considerably.

  9. Digital Coupon Websites
  10. A lot of people only use digital coupon websites, Groupon and the like, when they’re in their hometown. However, one of the best ways to save on your travels abroad for the bookable holidays is by using these websites. Groupon offers some great deals for taking friends and family out for holiday meals and entertainment. For instance, the site is currently featuring a deal on a local brewery tour for up to 53% off.

Coming to London for the holidays may be a necessity for you, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend an arm and a leg. Keep these five tips in mind to cut travel, lodging, and entertainment costs while you enjoy this magical time of year in England’s capital. Read this for more.

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