Vacation in california

The new year has arrived. With it comes all the New Year’s Resolutions, new holidays and expectations for the future.

When it comes to your vacation, you need to go the extra mile choosing a spot that’s meaningful to you if you want to get the most out of your free time. While one person may love a hiking excursion through the mountains, another may prefer the soothing cadence of ocean waves while they catch a few rays. California has remained a prime vacation spot for millions year after year for its brilliant weather, vibrant local cultures and delicious cuisine, all of which can be enjoyed when you pick hotels near Manhattan Beach.

Did You Know?

Americans are woefully unprepared for vacation time. In fact, the United States is one of the few Western countries to have a backlog of vacation hours taken! A recent study found over 95% of American workers stating vacation time is important to them, yet it’s estimated just half of all American adults will actually take that time off. The list below will not just explore all the fun things you can do while on vacation, but the health benefits you could be missing out on by skipping your free time.

The Most Popular Things To Do On Vacation

What do people like to do with their free time? Believe it or not…nothing is easily the most popular choice among multiple age groups, demographics and budgets. When it comes to lounging around on the beach, around 60% of Americans much prefer to do nothing and catch up on all the sleep they’ve missed over the work months. Another 50% of beachgoers love to sunbathe and work on their head-to-toe tan. Yet another 45% like to read and inch their way to a calmer headspace. What do you want to do with your hotel reservations?

The Health Benefits Of Relaxation

Vacation time isn’t just fun and games (though, by all means, engage in some fun and games while you’re chilling!). It’s also important for your health. Burnout has reached an all-time high this past decade or so, causing millions of Americans to take more sick leave than ever before. Long-term stress can increase your chance of developing depression, anxiety and all sorts of physical health issues — these include an increased risk for cardiovascular health, a lowered immune system and lower back pain.

The Romantic Feel Of A Little Time Off

Do you have a significant other? Then looking up hotel reservations may light a spark you never thought possible. A recent study found out four out of every 10 travelers feel much more romantic on vacation, which can easily be attributed to the reduced stress and new environment bringing out the best in couples old and new. Another international study found the majority of respondents at 60% saying people prefer a relaxing vacation over an active one. If you and your partner have been sniping at each other a little these past weeks, a vacation in California could be just what you both need.

Things To Do In Manhattan Beach

Now that you’ve learned all the health and romantic benefits to a vacation it’s time to look up hotel reservations and pick out the destination for you. California is a good choice if you want sunny weather, grilled food and more activities than you can shake a stick at. It’s also fantastic if you just want to stretch out your legs and enjoy the breeze! There are bike trails, beautiful parks and huge aquariums to create perfect photo opportunities for you and yours. A study found 60% of Americans admitting they feel very refreshed after a good vacation.

When 2018 starts to wear you down, a Manhattan beach hotel is there to put a pep back in your step. Look up hotel reservations now and get yourself prepared for some good times when the warm seasons make their way back over.

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