Private flights

Travel shouldn’t wear you down.

When you step off your plane feeling more tired and unfocused than when you got on, you know you have a problem on your hands. Millions of Americans find themselves moving across the country daily or weekly for business purposes, but not everyone has the same needs. Some prioritize speed over comfort, preferring to get to their destination as quickly as possible. Others only travel for vacation purposes and need to make sure their family is accommodated. Businessowners, managers and CEOs often work on-the-go, meaning lackluster airlines can be a financial detriment as well as a mental hindrance.

A VIP private jet is designed to support you every step of the way. Here’s how.

Jet lag, delays, stress…they all take a toll on your mental health. Stress is a debilitating element that only gets worse the longer it’s neglected, getting in the way of a job well done and costing you your hard-earned money. A little bit of stress is healthy and normal, even positive when experienced intermittently, but constant stress can make you tired, groggy and even affect your ability to sleep. A health study on the long-term effects of stress saw participants seeing a notable drop in their short-term memory when constantly stressed, compared to their more relaxed counterparts.

Airlines are notorious for their long lines and crowded waiting rooms. When you add delays, uncomfortable seating and a loud environment on top of all? You have a recipe for disaster that will only continue to follow you into the workplace. A survey conducted in 2009 saw the majority of respondents reporting up to a 40% loss in their productivity when flying on commercial airlines. Some reasons included cramped seating and constant distractions, both of which are common in the cluttered aviation industry. When many businessowners prefer to make important calls or finish projects during their flight, a VIP private jet provides a vital alternative.

The United States boasts an impressive gulfstream charter industry. By the time 2011 arrived over 11,200 private jets were registered, meaning the country now accounts for nearly 50% of the total private jet market. An estimated one and a half million Americans are employed throughout the aviation industry as we speak, working in fields such as customer service, advertising, catering, piloting and engineering. It’s these combined efforts that generate over $150 billion in economic activity every single year. The best private jet is a logical result of hard work and high demand.

A chartered flight will make sure you travel in ease. You have more room to yourself, a shorter waiting time and, most of all, plenty of time to finish work at your leisure. Commercial jets generally cruise at 35,000 feet, while smaller jets are prone to flying higher due to their exclusive nature. As a result they don’t encounter nearly as much air traffic, making trips both faster and smoother. Private jets also have a larger network than commercial airlines, using over 5,000 different airports across the country. When you’re tired of frustrating travel and want to take command of your business, a business private jet is just waiting for your application.

Instead of hoping this next plane trip will be better than the last, take the initiative and seek out a VIP private jet. You could see your business transforming in ways you couldn’t have even imagined.

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