Spring is the perfect time to schedule your legendary summer road trip. Wherever you live, there is always somewhere gorgeous to go see! From the east coast to the west coast, there’s no limit to how many days you want to make your trip, so go crazy. Some travellers tend to want to visit every state, so you may need at least two months to accomplish your dream road trip. Check on your car’s upkeep often, have a plan for if things go wrong, and always have a travel buddy. This video showcases some traveller’s cross-country journey from California to New Jersey!

As a good rule of thumb, you should have placed markers throughout your road trip to guide you along. Some great road markers are statues, state parks, or architectural structure.

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From the amish built gazebos in new jersey to the Hollywood Sign in California, there’s countless landmarks and man-made sculptures that will keep you road trip on track. Visiting the Grand Canyon is a massively popular reason for people to take road trips, so if you are thinking about traveling anywhere in the West, stop by the majestic Grand Canyon!


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