Campground website design

Every tourism organization wants their site to be among the best tourism websites on the Internet, but that can’t happen without several key elements present. Whether you’re running camping websites or RV websites, there are a few features that should be utilized on any tourism website.
If you’re ready to make your site one of the best tourism websites out there, here are the things you absolutely need to have present.
Homepage Banner
A banner on your homepage is absolutely essential to making a good first impression. A slideshow can make for an excellent introductory experience for first-time visitors to your site. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could even create a video for your homepage banner.
Great Navigation
If a visitor can’t easily navigate through your site, they’re not going to stay for very long. In a best-case scenario, your navigation will be right underneath your banner so visitors eyes are drawn to it more easily. The smoother your navigation, the more traffic your site will see.
Search Options
Above all else, your homepage should offer a search option. Visitors will often look for a specific piece of content on a destination and a search bar makes it that much easier to find. Similarly to navigation, a search bar will ensure that visitors can find their way around your site with ease.
Relevant Content
A blog is one of the most important features to have on your site, but what’s even more important is keeping it up to date. The best tourism websites have content published regularly. This not only give your guides an opportunity to have their writing up, it give your visitors a better idea of what’s currently happening.
Promotional Offers
Promotional offers should be one of the first things visitors to your site see. If they have immediate knowledge of at least a few different discounts, they’ll be much more likely to invest in your services.
Creating a successful tourism website might take a little bit of time, but reaping the benefits of those efforts is certainly going to be worth it in the end.

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