Camping in virginia

When it comes to the ideal family vacation spots, there is very little that beats camping near a lake. Whether you are heading to a public campground, where about 70% of camping is done, or you have a rustic cabin in mind, or you’re looking forward to hiking with your tent on your back until you find the perfect place, camping near a lake is the ideal for many. Just think of all that you can do when you set up near a body of water!

Camping near a lake opens up possibilities

From hazy summer camping trips that will require daily dips in the water, to early fall camping trips that will have you gazing at the reflection of stars on the calm water from the warmth of your campfire, your lakeside campsite has quite the draw no matter when those family camping trips happen.

If you are at a cabin on the water, or have wandered out to find a secluded spot near a lake for tent camping, you have a world of possibilities open to you. If you have brought your fishing gear, you could catch your dinner. If you have access to a boat, imagine calm, lazy afternoons just drifting along.

And if you are at public lakeside campgrounds, you could have a whole different set of options available to you. Many campgrounds will have extra facilities and equipment available not only for swimming and fishing, but also water and beach sports and possibly even inflatable water games and equipment as well.

The popularity of the outdoor activity

There are a lot of people who enjoy camping. All you need to do is drive past any type of campground in the dead of summer and see how packed with tents and recreational vehicles it is and you will realize the magnitude of the popularity of camping. Over the course of just one year, around 40 million people set out on camping trips, adding up to a total 515 million camping trips altogether. And people are not afraid of putting in a bit of distance to get to their ideal camping spot either. On average, campers travel almost 190 miles for their camping trips.

Getting outside helps to reconnect us with nature. The advancements that our species has made are indeed remarkable, but we need to be careful not to become too connected to technology that we forget who we are and what really allows our souls to breathe.

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