People reach many life milestones as they age. They attend college, receive degrees, and become employees at a job they really love. After these milestones many individuals complete the most important portion. They become engaged to be married and start planning their dream wedding. In fact, this is a very common accomplishment as 2.4 million weddings occur in the United States every year. If you’re planning your wedding, here is why you should consider a beach wedding ceremony.

Beach Weddings

A wedding on the beach has become increasingly popular in the United States as the years pass. Many brides are planning a beach wedding, even as we speak! Beach weddings are considered to be destination weddings. Because of this, there are many beaches you can choose from to host your wedding. Regardless of which beach you choose, you are guaranteed to have a beautiful wedding. If you really desire the perfect wedding, perfect ceremony, and perfect day with the love of your life, you should consider a beach wedding. After all, it’s fun in the sun and your guests will have fun too!

Beach Wedding Ceremony

As previously mentioned, when you choose a beach wedding, you can choose the beach. For a beach wedding ceremony there are three locations you can consider.

The Resort Life: There are resort clubs located directly on the beach. They can host your wedding. Utilizing a resort can be very beneficial for your wedding. This is because the resort can offer their staff to set up your wedding, work during the reception, and ensure that your wedding remains perfect. Therefore, you will not have to worry about your beach wedding ceremony or reception going wrong. These staff members will take the stress away from your special day. You can simply focus on yourself and your big day.

It is important to note that for a beach wedding ceremony, using the beach resort can be somewhat pricy. However, if your budget allows for some pricy purchases, a resort is ideal for you!

A Public Beach: The second option for a beach wedding ceremony is a public beach. If you’re a laid back person, a public beach for a beach wedding ceremony is ideal for you! Your guest, the love of your life, and yourself can enjoy all the beach has to offer. In addition, afterwards, if you want to spend time on the beach, change, enjoy the sun and the ocean water, you can do so on a public beach!

If you want your wedding hosted on a public beach, you need to start your wedding planning early. This is because when you start early, there is a possibility you can get a reservation for a portion of the beach. Therefore, you do not have to worry about a handful of people watching your ceremony or trying to participate. It is important to do your research as well. For some beaches you’ll need specific permits to hold your wedding on the beach. You may also have to bring and set up your own materials, such as chairs, tables, and refreshments. After your wedding, you’ll have to have someone clean up, too. If this sounds ideal to you, you should consider a beach wedding ceremony!

A Private Beach: Many individuals prefer a private beach compared to a public beach. A private beach would be ideal if you want just that, privacy. If you choose a private beach for your wedding beach ceremony, you may have the opportunity to rent a portion of space along the beach for your wedding and reception. However, similarly to a public beach, you must do your research to see what type of permits you will need to host your wedding on a private beach.

Benefits Of A Beach Wedding Ceremony

When you choose a beach wedding ceremony, you’ll realize there are benefits to doing so.

Romantic: Beaches are known to have an intimate, romantic vibe. This is beneficial because yourself, your guests, and the love of your life will feel the romance.

Photography: Your wedding photos will be outstanding when you have a beach wedding. This is especially true during beach sunsets!

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