In most surveys conducted today, nearly all American employees report that taking a vacation is extremely important to them. After all, a vacation is a great way to unwind and see exotic new places and things, and most often, trips are taken more than 50 miles from where that person lives. Most Americans might picture a sunny beach or a cultured city as their vacation spot, and while there is nothing wrong with that, they often underestimate Alaska. This huge, northern state can in fact offer a lot for a tourist, and many surveyed domestic tourists returning from Alaska report being satisfied or very satisfied by their trip. Many people coming back home from Alaska are in fact pleasantly surprised by what a good time they had, and Alaska’s huge, gorgeous wilds may be a fine way to avoid Florida’s or Hawaii’s rather crowded beaches.

What can a tourist do up there in Alaska? For creative brides and grooms, Alaska glacier wedding packages are an attractive option, as this wild state can provide a stunning backdrop for a ceremony in mild weather. Interested wedding parties can take the initiative and look up “alaska glacier wedding packages” well ahead of time, and see what they can find for the intended visit up there. Meanwhile, tours by dogsled, helicopter rides, hunting and fishing trips, and more can be great fun in Alaska, too.

Looking for Alaska Glacier Wedding Packages

Many brides and grooms today are exchanging ballroom weddings for destination weddings, which are often outdoors. Beach weddings often dominate this concept, but Alaska glacier wedding packages may be a great idea for wedding parties who want to enjoy this state’s unique panoramas (and can afford to fly all their guests up there). To do this, the wedding party members may search “alaska glacier wedding packages” online and specify the intended time period, and see what Alaskan companies might offer. Packages will vary in price and features, and the website will list them all. Some wedding ceremonies might be on the larger side, with many guests attending. In other cases, the bride and groom might opt for a tiny, private ceremony in a remote location. A helicopter wedding package can be bought for this, and everyone involved can be flown to a ceremony site that’s otherwise difficult to reach.

As with any other wedding, this may require some planning ahead of time and logistics, too. A larger ceremony with plenty of guests requires transport and lodging for everyone involved. Guests who don’t already live in Alaska may be told where and when to take plane flights up to that state, and the wedding party can find local hotels and book rooms in bulk for all those guests. Some hotels offer bulk discounts, so a wedding party can save some money this way. Local transport such as a bus, limos, and taxis can deliver the guests to the ceremony site. And given the weather is fair, the site may be an impressive outdoor panorama of mountains and glaciers, lakes, pine forests, tundras, and more.

Other Tourism in Alaska

No doubt Alaska can be a stunning and creative site for an outdoor wedding. But tourists can explore other options, too. Helicopter tours are common in Alaska (and Hawaii too), and this is a great way for a guest to explore Alaska’s wilds from high up and view the panorama. The tourist may want to look up helicopter tour listings online well ahead of time and book one, and they might even book a flight first and then plan the rest of their trip around that for more flexibility. During the ride, everyone in the tour group may wear head sets so they can hear each other and the tour guide over the vehicle’s noise.

Meanwhile, outdoors lovers will have plenty to do up in Alaska. Hunters, fishers, and hikers can rent log cabins out in the wilderness for convenience, and hunters may go after big game unique to this state. Fishing in streams and ice fishing may also appeal to guests, and other tourists may go hiking, kayaking, or rock climbing. Urban tourists may visit historical buildings and natural history museums in cities like Juneau and Anchorage.

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