A good vacation should give you extra perspective.

That’s exactly why people will skip over the usual lonely weekends in front of Netflix in favor of traveling to another state and attending a concert. It’s an especially good reason to save up to do some country hopping around Europe and experience different cultures. When you need just a little more perspective to transform your average break into the time of your life, aerial excursions are ready to lift you up. Helicopter tours will have you looking at the world in a way you never have before.

Let’s get a better look at why helicopter tours have, for lack of a better word, taken off without a hitch.

Vacation Time Is Taken Seriously

More people today are really taking their vacation time seriously. An extended break is good for your health, after all, and many workers today are starting to see the impact work is leaving on their well-being. A recent study on common attitudes toward vacations found 95% of respondents stating taking regular vacations is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. When you take extra time to relax you improve your heartrate, give your immune system a break and reconnect with what matters most. Aerial excursions are just one way of going about it!

Aerial Excursions Are Incredibly Popular

Some families like to visit the same campground every year. Others want a touch more adventure. The aerial excursion gives you a perspective that can’t be replicated even in the best ferryride, taking you miles above land to see the world from another point of view. Back in 2015 there were over 24 million general aviation flight hours logged, with many of them devoted entirely to tourism and sightseeing. In fact, the United States remains the country with the largest number of commercial helicopters as 12,700.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Hawaii

Now for the most popular place to visit. Hawaii is the de facto choice for many wanting a break from the grueling workweek. Its beautiful beaches, hot weather and classic tourist options have yet to be beaten even by Canada or Japan. As many as 220,000 visitors will drop by Hawaii at any given day each year, with the year 2017 seeing a record high of nine million visitors. That’s nearly a 5% increase from the previous year! The best helicopter tours in Oahu will have you wondering why you didn’t step out of your comfort zone sooner.

Commercial Helicopter Flights Are Increasing

If you’re worried about whether or not a sightseeing adventure is truly worth it, just check out the anecdotes of others who have given it a try. A 2017 vacation survey saw a 12% increase in spending on summer vacations from just the previous year. Experts have predicted the worldwide sale of commercial helicopters that same year will reach $5 billion sooner rather than later. Helicopter rides in Oahu are unlike anything you’ve ever seen, allowing you another angle on the traditional lounging-in-the-sun and enjoying-a-good-drink you’ve seen in postcards.

Your Next Vacation Needs A Bit More Perspective

You need a break. Your family needs a break. When you’re looking up the best hotels to stay at in Hawaii you might want to consider turning that time off into a legendary family trip by adding helicopter excursions to the list. A new AAA survey concluded at least 35% of Americans are actively planning a vacation at least 50 miles away from home. Just dropping by the local bar or staying at the same boring campground doesn’t cut it. You need to breathe in new air and experience a completely new way of life…at least, for a little bit!

Sign up for an Oahu helicopter tour for your next great vacation. See for yourself what you’ve been missing all this time!

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