Aircraft expos such as the aircraft interiors expo, Hamburg 2019 annual conference, features technology that passengers want to experience on the flight. Airline passengers enjoy a variety of events during flight including sleeping for 17%, reading for 21% and movie watching or in flight video for 41%. In-flight entertainment is important for a good flight experience for passengers. This expo highlights on some of the newest technology that aircraft carriers can offer their passengers to help them enjoy the flight more.

Why People Fly

People fly for a variety of reason both personal and business related. Approximately eight million people take flight per day with most of those flights, about 75%, being leisurely travel. Business trips account for some flight passengers while vacationers make up more. Others are traveling for personal reasons such as visiting family or friends, traveling for school, or coming back from vacation. No matter what the reason it can assumed that all passengers on a plane want entertainment to keep them occupied while flying.

In Flight Entertainment

Passengers enjoy a variety of in flight entertainment on their flights, such as WiFi. One quarter of all passengers admitted in a 2013 TripAdvisor survey that they would switch flights for one that offered WiFi. The same survey showed that 37% consider a small tablet or iPad to be an essential carry on item for them. Obviously this means they will want to use these devices as well. Flight status alerts and other functions of a smart phone are important to more than half of all passengers, making in flight WiFi even more crucial.


The aircraft interiors expo Hamburg 2019 annual conference, is a great place to see what passengers would like to see implemented on these flights. It also offers businesses a place to showcase their advancements when it comes to in flight entertainment for passengers. Advancements that allow passengers to use their own devices to watch movies instead of having to watch in flight movies is a preference passengers want. Therefore a way to charge these devices is technology that would benefit the passengers.

In flight entertainment and other methods to keep passengers connected even while in flight is becoming increasingly important. The more passengers feel at home, the more apt they are to fly and take longer flights. Utilizing advancements in technology provides more of the amenities of home even while in flight.

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