What does a vacation mean to you? This can seem like an obvious question, but once you peel back the layers…it’s actually quite personal.

For some people a vacation is just a way to kick up their feet and unwind after weeks and weeks of work. For others it can mean a chance to connect with loved ones after a while spent apart. No matter what reason fuels your need for a vacation, it’s a very personal endeavor. Why not spend it somewhere beautiful? Alaska is a stunning bastion of wildlife, boasting endless forests and incredible mountain peaks.

Anchorage helicopter tours can give you a sight you’ve never seen before, truly redefining what it means to go on vacation.

Adventure Ahoy! Alaska Is Seeing A Surge In Tourism

You’ve picked a good time to start wondering about your next great vacation. Alaska has seen a spike in tourism rates these past few years, due in no small part to America’s growing wanderlust. Since 2015 visitors to Alaska have spent an impressive $3 billion — tourism alone has created 43,000 jobs in sightseeing, wildlife maintenance, fishing, food service, and marketing. In the interior tourists have spent a further $475 million. All in all, the slump of 2010 has quickly become a figment of the past.

Got Wanderlust? Explore The Endless Wilderness By Sightseeing

What’s one of the most appealing features of Alaska? Look no further than its rich, gorgeous forests. This state has been nicknamed ‘The Last Frontier’ for being virtually untouched for centuries, extending to its plant life and wildlife. It’s estimated 100,000 black bears live in Alaska, right alongside 900,000 caribou (and counting) roaming across 30 different herds. Animal lovers and forest lovers alike will have plenty to crow about the moment they land.

Perspective Is King! Enjoy The View With Anchorage Helicopter Tours

When you’re exhausted of the office and need a break from your hometown, Alaska has plenty of fresh air to spare. Seventeen of the 20 highest peaks are located in The Last Frontier, right alongside glittering lakes and winding rivers. There are also more than 70 potentially active volcanoes. You don’t have to worry about them going off any time soon, though! Do something special for your anniversary and look at things from a brand new perspective.

Eager To Brush Up On Those Photography Skills? There’s Plenty More To See

Think that’s all Alaska has to offer? The surface has only been scratched. The national bird is abundant in Alaska, with approximately 30,000 birds of several varieties residing in the state. This is more than any other state in the country. You can experience all these beautiful sights through lively Anchorage helicopter tours or a fun dog sledding journey. When it comes to your long-awaited vacation, you deserve nothing less than the best.

A Full Package! Vacations Are Good For Your Physical And Mental Health

Anchorage helicopter tours aren’t just fun. Getting to see the sights and breathing in all that fresh air is literally good for you. A professional services firm by the name of Ernst and Young conducted an internal study on this phenomenon — they found that, for every 10 hours of vacation time took, their year-end performance ratings improved by 7%. Men at risk for heart disease who skipped vacation five years in a row, additionally, also had a 30% higher chance of having a heart attack. When in doubt, just relax!

Anchorage helicopter tours are a beautiful way to look at life from another angle. What could a glacier flight do for your health in 2020?

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