If you’re planning your next vacation in 2020, why not step away from the plane tickets and consider a road trip through the great outdoors? Many people forget that there’s more to camping than getting eaten by mosquitoes and sleeping under the stars; a camping trip with friends, a loved one, or the entire family can build bonds and memories that aren’t soon to fade. Not quite convinced? Check out these four reasons you should plan a camping trip for your next big vacation.

Reset in the Great Outdoors

Almost 80% of all domestic trips are for leisure purposes, a perfect opportunity to gain some much-needed rest and relaxation. While this could mean the perfect opportunity to visit the spa or explore a major city, taking advantage of restorative properties of the great outdoors is a choice for many travelers.

Exercise Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

While there are abundant benefits to camping and exploring outside, a lot of the benefit is mental. Almost all American workers say that having vacation time is important for their happiness and focus at work and 53% of employed U.S. adults report come back feeling invigorated after a vacation. Taking a hiking trip while camping is one of the most relaxing outdoor activities that someone can do on vacation, heightening their agreeability to return to work.

Explore Your Own Backyard

Most camping – about 70% – is done in public campgrounds, with access to hiking trails and paths that are perfect opportunities to explore. In fact, exploring hiking trails is the most popular activity among campers; a recent report revealed that 92% of vacationers who go camping also choose to hike. Almost half of all campers plan their vacation a month in advance, so as to ensure that the weather will be ideal for outdoor adventures.

Make Family Memories to Last a Lifetime

A family camping trip often comes with tales of horror but camping and doing fun outdoor activities like exploring hiking trails with your family is almost guaranteed to create joyful memories that will last forever. Around 40% of families report that taking vacations together makes them happy, making it the activity that makes families the happiest. There are many national parks in the U.S. that are ideal family vacation spots for all the adventures they have to offer.

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