Lake george camping

When you think of a kid friendly vacation, there are many options. You’re sick of visiting the same museums and you really don’t want to end up at a play center with flashing lights, singing characters, and screaming toddlers. Because of this, you decide that one of the best things you can do is plan your first camping trip with your children, because these are the memories that will last a lifetime.

Camping, Beloved by Everyone

Who doesn’t love camping? There are very few things that aren’t enjoyable when you’re on a camping trip, and most of this revolves around being bit by bugs. Camping is actually known to be one of the most beloved outdoor activities as decided by Americans. In 2013, the campground industry brought in an astounding $5 billion because Americans just can’t get enough! One of the best places to do just that and show your children a bit of the great outdoors is by camping at Mount Marcy, which is the highest peak in New York. It reaches 5,344 feet and the scenery doesn’t get much more beautiful than that.

So, why is camping great for children? Not only will they experience the great outdoors, but you never run out of many things to do to keep them interested and stop them in their tracks from asking, “Can we leave yet?” In fact, the Institute of Education at Plymouth University found that 95% of parents agree that their children appear happier while they are on a kid friendly vacation like camping. You may have even enjoyed camping as a child. 57% of campers participated in outdoor activities when they were children, and now you want to pass these traditions down to your own children.

It helps to plan your trip in advance, so get started today so that you are one step closer to a vacation for the whole family! About 43% of campers planned their trips a month in advance because you want to be prepared for anything, including the best weather. This is sure to be a vacation that nobody will forget, so get started today. Whether you choose cabin rentals or a campground in the Adirondacks, you will have the time of your life.

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