Michigan cabin rentals

Are you getting ready to go on your monthly, seasonal, or annual camping trip? Do you have a favorite campground, or are you always looking for new places to camp?

If you’re thinking about camping somewhere new on your next trip, you may be interested to know where other adults like to camp:

  • State park campgrounds: 40%
  • National park campgrounds: 14%
  • Local park campgrounds: 10%

Do you usually travel a bit when you go camping, or do you like to stay closer to home? The camping survey showed that 63% of adult campers tend to travel just 150 miles from home.

How long do you usually go camping? A recent survey showed that their participants tend to spend about 2 weeks and the portion of a day. While some campers stay in tents, RVs, and cabins, others spend their camping trips sleeping in yurts. And of course there are nights when campers of all ages choose to sleep outside beneath the moon and stars.

It’s interesting to note that RV campers often go camping for a week or longer. Campers that stay in cabins and/or yurts usually stay for less time, and 82% spent at least 1 to 2 nights sleeping outside.

How far ahead do you plan your camping trips? The survey showed that 43% of the participating campers plan their trips at least a month ahead of time. Another 34% indicated that they didn’t make advance reservations, however. When you make reservations in advance, chances are that you will be able to have your choice of accommodations, whether it’s having a hook-up for your RV or a cabin large enough for your entire family or group of friends.

Did you know camping is a family-friendly activity? If you’re a seasoned camper, chances are that you know this quite well. Given campers 16 and older, 63% had a domestic partner or were married. It’s also interesting to note that 85% of the participants said they went on their very first camping trip soon after they were born or up to the age of 15.

If you used your RV more this camping season than during others, what’s the main reason you did so? “Campfire Canvass'” biannual survey found the following key reasons:

  • Being able to get away more often: 64%
  • Being able to spend more quality time with family: 47%
  • Being able to escape stress: 44%
  • Being able to travel less expensively: 42%
  • Being able to get away without advance planning: 38%

Regardless of whether they go camping in RVs or stay in cabins, the primary motivator for nearly half of all adult campers boils down to enjoying camping for its own sake. For these individuals, camping is an enjoyable and meaningful activity in and of itself.

Are you planning to go camping again next year? How many separate camping trips are you planning? The survey showed that 99% said they were “likely” or “very likely” to go camping within the next year. Furthermore, while 2/3 of the campers surveyed were planning 3 or more trips, others were planning to take around 5 different camping trips during the next year.

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