Bloomington indiana campgrounds

What do you look for in campsites? Overall, there is an estimated 16,000 private and public campsites in the country. Camping can mean something different to different people. Some people only take a trip in an RV, while others believe roughing it means cabin rentals. Neither is better than the other, but there are differences in what makes a superior campsite if you plan to stay in a tent or an RV.

People who go camping generally make it a repeat experience, as one survey found that 99% of participants planned to return the next year. What is it that makes one trip, let alone repeats, off the grid so appealing? Today, more than ever, we find ourselves relying on digital entertainment. While it is recommended that we allow our eyes to take reprieves from our screen time, it can be difficult. This isn’t to say leave all forms of communication at home, but it might be healthy to make the intention to take a screen detox. It might just be for a few days, but if your trip lasts about 14 days like it does for most campers, you may want to pack a couple of board games too. They may not be needed, but it is better to have an item when you don’t need it, than need it and not have it. Boredom can put a damper on fun, and people generally are more willing to go along with just about anything when there are no other options.

Where you camp is just as important, if not more, than what you bring. A beautiful spot can satisfy even the most reluctant campers. But don’t just look for a lovely view. The logistics of campsites matter. What does this mean? Basically, even when you are roughing it, there are a few essentials that will make your stay more comfortable. For both RV’s and tents, the size of the campsite you reserve should easily fit your sleeping arrangements, with room for a (safe) fire pit and chairs (or other seating). Ideally, there should be enough room between campsites that you cannot easily hear the conversation of the nearest campers. The bathrooms should be clean and easily accessible. A designated dumpster is also helpful and cuts down on littering.

Camping is still a favorite among vacationers. The chance to get out and explore nature is a pleasure, especially in today’s digital world. To make sure your next camping trip is a success, research campsites in the are you want to stay, and examine the layout. And remember, if in doubt, over prepare, and that includes bringing the first aid kit.

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