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Camping helps family stay together. This simple wisdom has undercut the fabric of America for decades, one of the first activities anyone associates with classic American hobbies. But what about chilling under the open stars and roasting marshmallows in front of a camp fire strikes such a strong chord in us? For those that want to keep the rest of the lingering summer close to their heart before the cold seasons start trickling in, the list below will help you get acquainted all over again with cabin rentals and RV parks. Just like Americans, there are many different sides to this brilliant coin.

Did You Know?

Camping is beloved across the country. Not only is it the most popular recreational activity in the United States, every year sees even higher figures than the last when it comes to rentals, sales and promotion. The year 2013, for starters, saw the revenue of both campgrounds and RV parks estimated at an astonishing $5 billion. That’s nothing to say of camping equipment, in which 2014 brought nearly $2 billion to the table.

You Can Enjoy Nature And Animals As One

Camping helps family stay together and bond together. When working life has you down and being surrounded by buildings and smog all the time is wearing down your health, camping is a great way to unwind. The Trail Ridge Road is a very popular choice for people who love to get down and dirty with nature. There are several species of fish that inhabit the park’s streams and lakes, as well as nearly 300 species of birds for birdwatchers.

There’s Never A Dull Moment With So Much To Do

For those that want to get more active during their stay, camping has everything and then some. Families often choose camping because it’s a way to encourage bonding, cooperation and letting loose after weeks or even months of work with no play. For those that set up their RV near a river or lake there’s plenty of swimming, boating and fishing to enjoy. For those that prefer to hoof it, hiking and climbing are the way to go.

Losing Weight Has Never Been Easier

Want to kill two birds with one stone? Camping helps family stay together…and can help you shed a few pounds even as you’re playing and chilling by the open fire. Climbing hills and kayaking are two frequented methods of enjoying the great outdoors with a fitness mindset. Studies have shown that those who weigh 155 pounds or so may want to try a canoe, as every hour can burn nearly 300 calories. Similarly, climbing hills while carrying 10 to 20 pounds can burn over 500.

With An RV, Anything Is Possible

Your family camping trip is more complete when you have an RV on your side. You can bring more with you, retreat back inside when you’re tired and go just about anywhere on a whim. The two main categories of RVs are motorhomes (or just ‘motorized’) and the towables (the ones towed behind a car or pickup truck). Not only are they flexible and comfortable, they can even save you money. A recent survey also found that a family of four that travels in an RV on vacation can also save up to 60% of general vacation costs.

Camping helps family stay together. With summer only having a month or so left to go, why not look up a nearby RV park and see how you can enjoy the rest it has to offer with good company?

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