Rv park design standards

Camping is an American hobby that only gets more popular by the year. Since many Americans find themselves stuck at home or immersed in a heavy work week, the appeal of letting loose for a few days and visiting their favorite campground can be the highlight of their year. How can you make sure your campground marketing is reaching out to the right people? This is where tourism website design and digital marketing come into play. It’s not enough to just put out an advertisement or two. You need to gear people’s search results to the information they need to start planning properly.

Are You Using Social Media?

Social media is one of the great technological feats of our time. How are you using it to promote your cabins and campgrounds? A social media account can help you connect to customers on a more casual level, giving your business an edge from others that can seem too cold or distant. This is far from the only tool at your disposal, however, and won’t get you very far until you expand your horizons.

Are You Using SEO?

Customers want to feel like they’re reaching out to businesses rather than the other way around. A business that’s too aggressive in its strategy can actually risk turning off its potential client base. SEO drives over 70% of search traffic and is well-known for providing a happy balance that benefits both companies and customers. It uses search engines to give customers more accurate results, helping them find your company with less effort.

Are You Using Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is more affordable and more efficient than traditional methods. Inbound leads (such as SEO) cost over 60% less than outbound leads, saving you money and helping you make more simultaneously. Google processes up to one trillion searches every year, with 100 billion happening on a month-to-month basis. With so much potentially lost in the fold, a good digital marketing strategy can be your beacon in a sea of information.

Are You Using A Mobile Friendly Site?

What are customers seeing once they arrive at your site? Even the best photos of your cabins and beautiful parks will mean little if they can’t even browse properly. As it turns out, most mobile searches are done in order to find local services or businesses. Around 30% of mobile searches are sought out for a specific location, while another 50% of smartphone users discovered a new company on their phone alone.

Are You Creating The Best In Travel Website Design?

Whether your cabins are the main draw or you want to really push forth in RV marketing, there’s no reason to forgo all the tools at your disposal. According to data provided by NewsCred, nearly 60% of B2B marketers have admitted that SEO has had the largest impact on their brand on the whole. Another 80% of customers will check multiple online reviews before they commit to a purchase. Give your camping websites the best possible chance at success with a combination of digital marketing tactics, mobile optimization and SEO.

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