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Are you planning to take a vacation this year? If so, you’re not alone, as a recent AAA study showed that 70% of family travelers are planning to take 1 or 2 vacations during 2017. While some vacationers may choose to visit places they’ve traveled before, others will embark on new adventures.’s 2016 “Traveler’s Sweet Spot” survey showed that romantic getaways were at the top of the list for popular vacations. These were considered to be the best type of vacation for 38% of the men that responded and 34% of the women.

When traveling, many people are willing to spend more money on certain items and experiences than on others. TripBarometer reported these as the 5 most common choices:

    Sightseeing: 53%
  • Special dining experiences: 41%
  • Accommodations: 41%
  • Activities: 35%
  • Shopping: 24%

It is interesting to note that 60% of individuals within the Millennial-age group prefer to spend their money on experiences rather than material objects. In addition to having wonderful memories, they may also take quite a few photos and videos to share with family and friends back home.

“The Knot Real Weddings Study” showed that in 2016, 20% of couples chose destination weddings. If you’re thinking about taking your vows and honeymoon in a beautiful, romantic setting, have you considered Tuscany?

Just imagine spending your honeymoon in the most romantic hotels in Tuscany! In addition to exploring the countryside, you can also attend several Tuscany wine tours.

Were you aware that more wine is produced in Italy than anywhere else in the world? In 2015 alone, 17.43% of the wine people enjoyed came from Italy. Tuscany, you may be interested to know, produced almost 3 million hectoliters of wine within that year. If you’re unfamiliar with Tuscany’s wine, you will be able to experience it first-hand when you attend wine tours amid luxurious surroundings.

Whether you’re planning a vacation with family or friends, a romantic getaway, or a destination wedding, chances are you want to experience a new culture amid peaceful surroundings. Many families are at their happiest when they take vacations, which is not surprising. In addition to enjoying quality time together, families can share new experiences, such as eating authentic Italian cuisine with a glass or 2 of fine Tuscany wine.
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