Carriage tours of charleston sc

If you’re planning your first trip to Charleston, North Carolina, you’ll be excited to explore all of the attractions in this historic, picturesque city. Were you aware, for example, that it was founded in 1670, and currently attracts hundreds of thousands of annual visitors?

Charleston is the home of the United States’ first museum, which was founded in 1773. In addition to this and other sites of historic interest, you’ll be able to enjoy roughly 90 miles of beautiful Atlantic coastline. The average daily temperature in Charleston is a comfortable 65.6 degrees Fahrenheit, so you’ll want to spend as much time as possible enjoying the outdoors.

You may be interested to know that in 2016, Travel and Leisure magazine placed Charleston at the top of their “World’s Best Cities” list. Once you arrive in Charleston, you’ll discover why. Chances are that you will add this city to your favorite places to vacation list.

Even though you may enjoy walking, wouldn’t it be fun to take a guided horse carriage ride throughout the city? Just imagine how pleasant and relaxing it will be to see Charleston while taking horse carriage rides. When you take private carriage tours, your guide will tell you about local sites of interest and discuss Charleston’s rich 300-year history with you.

It’s likely you’ll feel more romantic on your vacation to Charleston, too. During the afternoons or evenings, you can inspire a little romance by taking horse drawn carriage rides through the beautiful city of Charleston and its surrounding landscape.

Are you visiting Charleston with your entire family? When families vacation together, it provides a wonderful opportunity to create lasting memories. A recent survey showed that for many families, taking vacations together is an activity that makes them most happy.

Since there’s so much to see and do in Charleston, each family member will discover something that is enjoyable and personally meaningful. Young children will often delight in taking horse carriage rides. While they may not pay as much attention to the historical narrative as you would like, chances are that they will remember some of it. You may be happy to discover that they become fascinated by horses and want to learn about the history of transportation.

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