Vacation rentals sanibel island

Spring Break is fast approaching like a lifeboat on the sea of endless winter. You long for the sunshine, the sand, and the ocean breeze, all topped off with a frosty margarita. Unfortunately, everyone else has suffered through a long snowy season, and you aren’t the only one with dreams of fun in the sun. Hotels and resorts are packed with people and you can’t find a single chair by the pool! Kids are carelessly splashing, and hey, where’s that waiter with your margarita? Maybe, you start to think, you would have been more relaxed on your couch with Netflix and your cozy slippers.

A survey showed that 53% of employed Americans feel refreshed after returning from vacation. What about the 47% who don’t? Some go so far as to say that they need another vacation after a stressful vacation! If this sounds familiar, you may just be looking for relaxation in the wrong places. Who can blame you for feeling stressed out in a hot crowd of rowdy tourists? Vacation is “you” time. When it comes to vacation accommodations, you should be checking out island oceanfront rentals. With a vacation rental you can enjoy the sun, the sand, and your privacy. Many Spring Break destinations offer weekly condo rentals for a reasonable price. If you don’t know where to look first, try South Florida, where the average summer temperature is 82.7 degrees and the winter temperature is a comfortable 68.5. Leave your passport behind, and forget about waiting in that long line at customs; you can find perfect island oceanfront rentals without leaving the country!

The truth is you need a vacation just as much as you need a job. Over 75% of executives believe that vacations improve their job performance and help to prevent burnout at work. Taking a vacation can do wonders for your personal life, as well. Four out of ten people say that they feel more romantic while on vacation. Maybe it’s the sunset over the ocean, maybe it’s the margaritas, or maybe it’s that carefree feeling you get when you lounge on the beach together, uninterrupted at your private condo.

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