Camping virginia

Are you thinking about taking your family on a camping vacation? They are fun and economical trips everyone in your family can enjoy. In fact, according to a recent survey, nearly 47% of all adults who camp say they just like camping so much that they plan to do it again. Nearly 13% said they pick camping vacations over other types of trips so that they can spend more time with their families. That could be one reasin that at least 40 million people went camping in 2010. If you are looking to explore the great outdoors there are plenty of Canadian campgrounds to pick from.

If this is your first camping trip with your family, here are some tips to making it great.

  1. What kind of camping trip are you looking for? Tent camping is the most popular way to go but it is not your only option. If some members of your family do not want to sleep in a tent, you can always rent a cabin or an RV if that is more your style. Many Canadian campgrounds offer a number of different options besides tent sites for camping so if you look, you will find something you entire family will enjoy.
  2. Try a test run before your camping trip. If you are taking young children who have never camped before, you might want to try a test trip before heading out to the various Canadian campgrounds. Pitch a tent in your backyard and spend a weekend out there with your kids. That often helps kids get used to the idea of camping and will make your actual family camping trips go smoother.
  3. Pick a campsite that offers the activities your family enjoys. Most Canadian campgrounds have great hiking which is always a favorite things for campers to do but what else does your family enjoy? Most people who like to camp say they enjoy a number of outdoor activities such as swimming canoeing, fishing and hunting. When you plan your trip, find a campground that offers a few fun things to do.
  4. Ask the park staff what they recommend. The people who work at all of the Canadian campgrounds know the most about what to do there. When you first get to the camp site, ask the staff what they recommend. There might be something new this season that is not in the guidebook, a new group of deer or other wildlife. Is always pays to ask.
  5. Plan for bad weather. No matter how much you watch the weather forecast, it may not cooperate with you. Have activities like board games with you to keep you and your family occupied. One of the great things about camping is the chance to unplug from the internet and social media. If you do not have things for your family to do when it rains, they will be back on their mobile devices before you know it.
  6. Plan your meals. You can save yourself some work during your trip if you plan your meals before you leave. You can also do some of the prep work such as cutting veggies or cooking potatoes part way to save time at the campground. Also, your food on your trip does not need to be bland. You can use empty Tic Tac container to store spices.
  7. Do not forget your first aid kit. Make sure you bring sunscreen, bandaids, lotion, aloe vera, and other items for the cuts and scrapes your are bound to get on your camping vacation. Tea tree oil is a good addition to your kit as it can be used to ward off bugs and get rid of ticks.
  8. Pack to dress in layers. The weather can change a lot during the day and if you pack so that you can dress in layers, you will be more comfortable no matter how hot or cold it gets.

Camping vacations offer your family a lot in terms of fun activities to do but also they give you a chance to reconnect with the people who are important in your life. These trips are some of the most economical ways to get your family together for a memorable vacation and good time.

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