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According to The New York Times, business travel is returning to its pre-recession popularity. In 2012, premium seats, those most used by business travelers, saw a 6.3% increase in purchases. That trend is expected to continue through 2013 as businessmen and women continue to increase their jaunts across the world.

London, often called the Financial Center of the World, remains one of the most popular and important business destinations, both for domestic and international businesses. With nearly 130,000 hotel rooms in London, according to BBC News, 70,000 of which are rated three-to-five stars, it can be extremely difficult to find the best hotels for business purposes. However, with these three tips, the hotel search gets much easier.

  1. Look for Meeting Space
  2. According to USA Today, many of the best hotels are now offering extra amenities to encourage businesses to make their hotel reservations with them. One of the most popular innovations are hi-tech meeting rooms, complete with important business technologies like computers, fax machines, and the like. Many are banking on the added convenience of being able to hold a meeting right in your hotel room as a way to attract some of the $117.3 billion business travelers are expected to generate for the travel and hospitality industries this year, according to the Global Business Travel Association.

  3. Complimentary Internet Access
  4. No modern business can be done successfully without the power of the internet. Regardless of whether you need to dial your boss in through Skype or you simply need to shoot her progress reports via e-mail, having access to the internet is essential. Subsequently, as American Express suggests, the best business hotels should offer complimentary internet access in their hotel rooms, in their lounge, and in their meeting rooms. Lesser hotels will charge you anywhere from $14.95 to $24.95 a day to use their internet. If you don’t see free internet on the list of included amenities, move on in your search.

  5. Attentive, Thoughtful Concierge Staff
  6. Especially if you’ve never been to London before, having an attentive concierge staff ready to answer your questions can be the key to an enjoyable trip. You’re not going to be in meetings every waking moment of your trip, after all. As writes, a great concierge service can help you find great restaurants, entertainment, and sight-seeing opportunities, ensuring you can work and play on your London excursion.

Choosing a London hotel for your business trip shouldn’t be difficult. Using these three tips, you can find the best hotel rooms in London Town, making your stay convenient and exciting. See more.

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