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According to The Telegraph, the United Kingdom generates nearly 10% of its gross domestic product through tourism. That’s not surprising when you consider that 30 million people flock to the UK every year, according to Visit Britain, building an industry worth over £115 billion annually. What is it that makes the United Kingdom such an interesting place to visit?

London is the capital of the United Kingdom and its most popular tourist destination. Thanks to a wide variety of museums, ranging from the British Museum to the National History Museum, London Town is a haven for scholars and those with an interest in history and science. Add the world’s oldest public zoo, first opened in 1828, the shopping experience of Oxford Street, and the chance to experience the worlds of Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Downton Abbey, and you’re left with a perfect environment for tourists of all interests. It’s no wonder that there are more than 120,000 hotel rooms spread across the city, according to BBC News. 70,000 of those hotels have a three to five star rating.

Despite being the number one UK destination, London Town is not alone in its tourist draw. Officially joined with England to form the United Kingdom with the Acts of Union of 1707, Bonnie Scotland is home to many beautiful sights and rich history. Travelers looking to see some of old Alba, the Gaelic for Scotland, would do well to visit Edinburgh castle, located in Scotland’s seaside capital city. There, as Lonely Planet suggests, visitors can look over the black rock crags of Castle Rock, breathing in its long history and the salty tide winds. Whether you’re looking to connect with your ancestry through the region’s moors and castles, or you simply want a taste of haggis, Scotland is the place to be.

Where Should You Find Hotel Bookings for the Best Access?
If you want to see London, Scotland, and the rest of what the United Kingdom has to offer, then you need to narrow your hotel search to the best hotels near Kings Cross Station, located in Camden. As Budget Travel suggests, staying in a hotel near a major hub, like Kings Cross, is a great way to improve your convenience. According to, a UK-based travel service, Kings Cross can get you almost anywhere you want to go in the entirety of Scotland, Wales, North Ireland, and England. A round trip ticket from Kings Cross in London to Edinburgh, for example, will only run you around £126 for a round trip.

To say that the United Kingdom has a lot to offer her visitors would be a gross understatement. Looking for hotel bookings in the most convenient areas of London, Kings Cross and the like, is the best way to make sure you can get where you want to go. Start looking for hotel bookings near Kings Cross in Camden Town today to start your adventure through the United Kingdom. More like this article. See this link for more references.

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