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It is a sad day.
After a long list of summer camping trips, you have finally winterized and closed up the camper for the year. You have packed up all of the cooking supplies and washed and packed them away until the next family camping trip. Sadly, the long weekends at your favorite campground are over for the rest of fall and the winter. You are glad that you were able to get a few early fall camping trips in and the fact that the weather was nice enough to host a Halloween bonfire and parade extended the season by a few days, but the camper is now closed.
It is Never Too Early to Start Planning the Summer Camping Trips for Next Year
As camping continues to grow in popularity, summer camping trips require more and more planning. From lakeside campgrounds to the most luxurious camp resorts, reservations are being made earlier and earlier. In fact, summer camping trips often require reservations nearly a year in advance.
Did you know, for instance, that statistics from the 2014 American Camper Report indicates that 40.1 million Americans camped in 2013? Translated into statistics, this means that 14% of the U.S. population over age six went camping in the year 2013. And as the number of campers in America increase, the camping spots can become more and more crowded.
For these reasons, some families find themselves on the phone just after the clocks strikes midnight making reservations for some of the most coveted locations one year in advance as soon as they become available. From Ohio campgrounds to Oklahoma campgrounds, the most popular locations get snatched up quickly. And while some summer camping trips are to locations that are less popular, it is important to research the destination ahead of time to know if reservation are allowed or if spots are assigned on a first come first served basis.
Advantages to Camping at Public Campgrounds
The main advantage to staying at public campgrounds is the cost. Offered as some of the most affordable campgrounds in the country, public camping locations are available in all 50 states. Because of the affordability, it should come as no surprise that as many as 70% of the camping in America is done in public campgrounds. And for many families, a one time camping event is rarely enough. In fact, inspired by the enthusiasm of the group, many families are convinced that they need to make these outdoor adventures a yearly event after they even one family camping vacation.
With the money that families save by camping on public campgrounds they are able to take advantages of other local offerings. At lakeside campgrounds, for example, families can enjoy water sports like kayaking and paddle boarding. In some parts of the country, public campgrounds are located by mountains that provide spectacular hikes and white water rafting. With public campgrounds available in many exciting locations, it makes perfect sense that 87% of campers participated in multiple outdoor activities.
Camping Is an Activity That Is Easy to Begin
One great thing about camping is that it is an activity that is very easy to try for the first time. You do not, for instance, have to own a camper and have it fully stocked on your first outing. Many families are first introduced to camping by renting furnished cabins. Available in a variety of price ranges, cabin camping is the perfect way to test out the camping experience. Family camping with small children works especially well in a cabin setting. With access to a fully stocked kitchen and bathrooms and showers, cabin camping allows families to enjoy the outside all day long but return to a comfortable home setting at night.
For young college students who do not have a lot of money, an easy way to start is to buy a tent, a sleeping bag, and some freeze dried food items. With access to public campground shower and bath houses, a college camping trip can be achieved with very little financial investment.
Whether you are a family of four or a party of one, camping is a great opportunity to step away from the more complicated life of work and school.

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