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A vacation to North Carolina’s Outer Banks is not to be missed, as this area offers visitors unparalleled views of the ocean, wild ponies, and the Milky Way. You read that correctly, as this small section of barrier islands stretches over 130 miles along the Atlantic coastline and is an integral part of American history. For guidance on what to do and where to stay, such as Bruxton rentals or Corolla rentals Outer Banks, N.C., read below.

Here Are the Exciting Events You Can Participate In While on Vacation in the Outer Banks.

Perhaps you’ve never heard about the strip of beaches that runs just off the coast of North Carolina. If so, then you don’t know that areas like Buxton and Corolla N.C. are sites of some of the most well-known moments in American history. The names Roanoke, Kitty Hawk, and Fort Raleigh can be found in any history book, and are some of the most popular attractions in the area.

Historical Sights Abound: Taking in the Past at the Outer Banks.

It is said that this skinny strip of land off the Atlantic coast is rich in history. It is also home to the sites of the oldest American colony, Roanoke. As the story goes, the colony had completely disappeared off of Roanoke Island by 1590, although the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the 115 people in what is today called the Lost Colony is still quite a mystery. The Lost Colony Outdoor Drama is one take on what might have happened, and is available for public viewing the months of June through August each year, and carries the distinction of being the longest running symphonic drama in the U.S.

If mysteries and ghost stories interest you and your companions, the Outer Banks are also known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic. From 1526 to present times, history has recorded the sinking of over 1,000 ships just off the coastline. Everything from pirate ships, to Civil War-era battleships, WWII submarines, and even some more modern marine vessels have made this a popular spot for adventurous scuba divers. Because of the Graveyard, Congress approved the request to construct the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in 1794 with the hopes of reducing the number of shipwrecks. The lighthouse reaches 208 feet in height making it the tallest in the U.S., and is a popular destination itself.

Where to Stay: Choosing Buxton or Corolla Rentals Outer Banks Made Easy.

While there will be many things to see and do in the area, your accommodations will come down to one of two options: Buxton or Corolla rentals Outer Banks area. To help make your choice easier, consider the plans you have made for the vacation. The list of activities can easily be split by the location they are in, which will help you figure out which Outer Banks vacation rentals you should choose from.

Once you’ve chosen between Buxton and Corolla rentals Outer Banks, you’ll need to know what makes a great vacation rental. Outer Banks house rentals may all look lovely and perfect in a picture, but there are a few questions you’ll need to ask, as well as a few points you’ll want to follow up on. First, look at where the rental is located, and bonus points if you take the time to look at it on Google Maps street view. This step can let you know about potential annoyances ahead of time, such as unpaved roads or broken down fences. Secondly, take the time to read the reviews objectively. This can paint a clear picture of how the owner will handle any complaints you have about the property.

Vacations are necessary for productivity. It’s true, as one study found that people who were likely to take a break experienced numerous benefits. Conversely, the employees who kept working hard with no down time were less likely to be promoted, and more likely to experience regular stress. If you should find yourself needing a vacation and don’t know where to go, consider the Outer Banks, N.C. This is one area that is truly a treasure chest of American history.

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