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Limousine services add a luxurious touch to any event, whether it’s a wedding, a night at the opera or high school prom night. Equally important, they help to ensure safety of all party goers, by preventing drunk driving. For parents of kids planning their prom night, booking a limo service is the best to make sure that they get home safely.

The risks of underage drunk driving
It’s an open secret that underage drinking happens, and especially on prom night. As many as 40% of all kids drink alcoholic beverages by the time they reach 10th grade. More than half, or 53% students drink on prom night. They don’t stop at one drink either, but consume an average of four drinks per person.
The combination of underage drinking and driving can be deadly. In just one year, 2005, 376 teens died on prom night, due to crashes caused by alcohol. Overall, the number of drunk drivers on the roads is alarming. Around 330,000 incidents of drunk drinking happen very day in the U.S. Limo rentals for parties, weddings and proms can help to prevent drunk driving and tragic accidents.

Limousine services for prom night
Booking a limo service is the best way to make sure that your kids get home safely on prom night. Limousine service drivers are experienced, and many of them make as many as 150 trips each week. They’re also good at transporting passengers to weddings, proms and parties. In fact, such events make up 40% of all limo rental trips.
Limo rentals give any event a touch of style and elegance. Prom night is a big event for your kids, and their entry into their adult lives. Arriving in style, like film stars on a rd carpet, will give them a special aura that they will carry through the evening and beyond. Limo rentals for your kids and their friends means that they won’t have to choose a designated driver, forcing one person to miss the fun.

Limo services make prom night a very special event for your kids. They’re also the best way to make sure that the kids get home safe. With experienced drivers to bring them back safely, you will have earned your peace of mind and your kids will have a great prom night.

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