If I was ever to go to Seattle, I would love to take some music themed Seattle tours! Just think of all the great Seattle tours that could be based around everyone’s favorite musician. It was such an important hub of the rock music development of the end of the last century, and there has got to be a great market for those kinds of Seattle tours.

You could take music themed Seattle tours that included a night of bar hopping from club to club where all the famous rock bands used to play before they got huge! Those would definitely be the Seattle tours for someone like me. It would be like a little taste of the history of the music that I love.

There could also be musical Seattle tours that brought you to the homes of the famous artists, or the places where they would party. It would be like a walk in the park of rock and roll music history! I’m going to have to take a look on the web and see if there are any Seattle tours like that.

If there aren’t those types of Seattle tours, which I highly doubt, I’m sure there’s lots of great Seattle tours that I could take instead. Maybe there are Seattle tours of the most famous coffee shops. I’m told that lots of the best coffee shops were in that area around the same time that the rock music was exploding. Maybe there are Seattle tours of the famous architecture as well. Either way, I can’t wait to check out what kind of tours I can take the next time I’m visiting all my wonderful friends and family in the area. I can’t wait to head out there!

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