Seattle, Washington is a great place to live. If you cannot live there, or do not wish to live there, I would at the very least recommend that you visit Seattle. There are so many things to do if you visit Seattle, and the history is rich. If you grow up in the nineties like me, you might want to visit Seattle to see first-hand where the grunge movement took off. That dirty jeans, flannel shirt look that was popularized by grunge rockers was originally from Seattle, Washington. If you visit Seattle, you of course find a lot more than grunge and rock and roll music. The arts are extremely popular in Seattle. Not only can you find a rich history of rock and roll music, you can also find pop, rap, and classical music in Seattle. One great reason to visit Seattle is the weather. When most people think of Seattle, they think of rain. They really should not think of rain though, because Seattle is no more rainy than New York City, and many other cities that receive a normal amount of rain. Since Seattle, Washington lies on the coast, the weather is very moderate. If you visit Seattle in the summer, you will find very pleasant weather there. It will not be too hot, and of course it will not be particularly cold either. If you are from a place where summers can be very hot and humid, like me, then you will find wonderful summer weather if you visit Seattle. First and foremost, Seattle is a port city, so you will find lots of great sights to see that are associated with its history as a sea port. I have yet to mention perhaps the most important thing to see if you decide to visit Seattle. If you go, you have to see the famous space needle. This is a really cool piece of American architecture and history. To top it off, there is a restaurant on the top where you can eat while it slowly spins, giving you a three hundred and sixty degree view of the city. Whether it is the art, the culture, the ports, or the buildings that attract you, you really should try to visit Seattle.

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