If you are looking for a place to your, look no further than Ireland. Very few places on the globe manage to be stuck out of time. Your first steps onto the shores of Ireland invite you to see its ancient ruins and stout castles. You can feel the lands have long forgotten history to tell you, just waiting for you to bend your ear and listen.

There are many cities and towns that reside in Ireland, however, any random individual you pulled off the street and asked to name a city, chances are good they would mention Dublin. And rightly so. It just so happens to be Ireland’s largest city with 495,000 unique residents. But Ireland is a big place, 32,595 sq. miles to be specific, and there is a lot more to see than just the streets of Dublin. Not to mention over 4.5 million people, as of 2011, to meet and greet touring the sites, placing Ireland 119th on the ranking of population. Being the third largest island in the European continent, it is no wonder that it boasts 3,000 miles of coastline. These coastlines enclose the island that, at its widest, is 174 miles while the longer part of Ireland is 302 miles.

What’s There To Do? To see?

There is no shortage of places to explore and activities to participate in. One opportunity to take advantage of are all inclusive Ireland tours. This is because all inclusive Ireland tours provide lodging, meals, and services. One such service all inclusive Ireland tours offer are, obviously, tours!

A castle tour in Ireland is unmatched compared to old-timey tours of old towns you would find in the United States. The castle tours manage to act as time machines and bring you to the ancient walls that were once under attack, or under siege.

Maybe yours aren’t your speed. If not, grab yourself a horse and explore the Dingle Peninsula where ancient ruins are peppered across the landscape.

You may have heard of the Cliffs of Dover, but have you heard of the Cliffs of Moher? Like the castle tours, you can find guides that will lead you along the coast, telling you the history and stories.

However, every country residing in Ireland has its on niche activity, from touring to kayaking. And while many can argue you could do many of these activities at home, there is an old world magic that the blue skies and green hills of Ireland have that can’t be recreated.

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