Two key components set private jet charter flights from the rest: cost and exclusivity. This makes it ideal for individuals high on the chain of command in a business because those individuals are the ones making the business trips. The cost of private jet charter flights can only be met with individuals that have the money to do it; private jet charter prices are not cheap. And because of that, it limits the amount of people who actually use private air travel. How many of 8 million people flying every day can take advantage of private jets?

However, those are the intentions, essentially. It may limit the amount of people who have access to it, but that means less people are flying, giving the buyer a more private and personal flight away from the sounds of the average flight. But, let us expand on the two key components and break them down further.

Why Wait In Line When You Can Buy?

This ties in with exclusivity. Rather than waiting all day in line, you can walk yourself out to the private jet and take off thanks to FBO’s, or “fixed-base-operators.” This is why it is the preferred method for individuals on business trips because travel time between private air charters and regular flights are ludicrous. THey simply do not have to wait for dozens of individuals to board, then put away their luggage, find their seat, etc.

Let us put it this way, $300 has been spent solely on individuals out on business trips every single year in the United States. How many do you think went with normal air travel? Chances are luxury private jet charters were used. In fact, over 458 million business trips were made in 2016 and it is expected to rise another 20 million trips by the time 2020 rolls around.

Someone Disturbing You? Nope!

The privacy is arguably the best aspect of private jet charter flights. People love their privacy. No one wants to be elbow-to-elbow against strangers, fighting for the armrests and personal space. Private jets look more like small luxury apartments with couches, reclining chairs and adequately spaced tables. If you are thinking it must be a waste of space, but consider again, private jets are not concerned with carrying large quantities of people, no. Their concern is the ones that pay for it.

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